BlockCAT Whitepaper


The Ethereum platform has opened our world to the possibility of “programmable money.”
We now have a blockchain-based currency with powerful smart contracts enabling a number
of previously difficult applications without requiring trust in a centralized third party. Damage
deposits, online shopping, delayed payments, joint purchases, and tamper-proof ballots
are some of the many automated processes that stand to significantly benefit or be made
possible by trustless computing networks such as Ethereum.

BlockCAT, short for Blockchain Complex Automated Transactions, is a decentralized platform
that provides an easy to use web portal, hand crafted by our expert engineering team, to
allow end users and organizations the ability to provision and deploy the smart contracts that
drive these complex transactions, zero programming required. Other payment processing
solutions can be eliminated from your financial workflow to reduce costs and streamline
processes to increase efficiency. The BlockCAT marketplace will allow anyone to contribute
and sell smart contracts, while our custom designed contract auditing system keeps our users
safe in a completely decentralized manner. The BlockCAT platform will not require users of
our smart contracts to know how to write any code, unlocking access to services that they
would otherwise not be capable of using.

Unlike other decentralized systems that are currently available or under development, BlockCAT
will never ask users to pay for functionality they do not require. Instead, the philosophy
of BlockCAT is to offer these services “à la carte,” in small pieces that can be chosen to suit
each individual use case. Users pay as they go for only what they use, ensuring that everybody
gets maximum value for what they spend. BlockCAT is the solution that provides a smart
contract platform in a way that is accessible to everybody, worldwide

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BlockCAT Whitepaper