Block Array Whitepaper



Barcodes don’t provide much information besides what company is associated with it and the product

Create a protocol and infrastructure to enable consumers and businesses to be able to communicate with each
other through the use of barcodes

GS1 Barcodes anchored to the blockchain with ARY Tokens
Software libraries
Mobile Applications
Visual SmartContracts
Array.Network – Powered with ARY Tokens

Create a semi-centralized barcode system that offers both normal GS1 Barcodes along with unique anti-
counterfeit barcodes. In order to comply with existing laws and regulations (e.g. firearms, chemicals, biological agents, etc) necessitate a “party” to discern what products are not allowed to be anchored to the blockchain and tracked. Implement a protocol that can take blockchain transaction IDs and user permissions into EPCIS-style

event data.
Project Outline
We will outline our Consumer, Enterprise, and Logistics mobile applications. Provide a brief overview of the ARY Token, the associated protocols that the token is for and various implementations of our protocols that use the ARY Token.
• ARY Tokens are used to anchor new GS1 Barcodes to the Ethereum blockchain
• ARY Tokens are used to validate software licensing for commercial use
• ARY Tokens to be used for virtualized grey-pool for truck drivers
• ARY Tokens to provide a “toll” for access to outputs of platform-specific protocols

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Block Array Whitepaper