Blakecoin Whitepaper


What is Blakecoin, and why should you care? There are already plenty of new alternatives to
Bitcoin, why do we need one more? This is an important question, so I will do my best to answer it. I
will start with the basic specifications and some background information, and then continue with more
detailed explanations.

Blakecoin Specifications
• Blake-256 hashing algorithm
• 7 billion total Blakecoins, generated over approximately 400-1000 years
• Block reward is 25 + inflation (very small amount of inflation; it is based on block
height and current difficulty)
• No halving or decrease in block reward
• 3 minute target block time
• Difficulty adjustment every 20 blocks (~ 1 hour)
• Block maturity in 120 blocks (plus 20 block buffer)

Blakecoin is the first cryptographic currency to utilize the Blake-256 hashing algorithm for its
Proof of Work (PoW). This algorithm was one of the SHA-3 finalists and was chosen for several
reasons. Although it was not the winner of the SHA-3 competition, Blake-256 has properties which
make it better suited for use in crypto currencies than Keccak and the other candidates. Please refer to
the “Benefits” section for more details.

BlueDragon747 launched Blakecoin October 6th, 2013. It was pre-announced and there was no
premine. Originally mining was CPU only, but shortly after launch, GPU mining and FPGA mining
became possible. For the first several weeks, only solo mining was possible. However, the Eliopool and
MPOS pool software has been ported to support Blakecoin and there are now a handful of pools
available. Development of the tools and software related to Blakecoin has been gradual but steady
because quality control has been a primary focus of the developers. Presently the Blakecoin ecosystem
is reaching a level of maturity that provides a strong foundation for future development and widespread

While Blakecoin is a general use crypto currency, Bluedragon747 is also working on an
infrastructure to allow Blakecoin to be used as a currency ecosystem for online video games. Any
online video game would be able to adopt the system, creating a micro economy for gamers. Imagine
being able to make money from gaming by withdrawing the money you earn in the game, or being able
to make micro payments for digital goods in games in a consistent manner. There are many possibilities
with this kind of system. Since Blake-256 is relatively non resource intensive, it is possible to mine
Blakecoin in the background while playing video games or doing other tasks on your computer without
causing significant performance loss.

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