Bitz Whitepaper

Bitz is a fresh take on the idea of crypto-currency in today’s scam infested and crowded crypto-currency space.
Bitz is going back to basics, but with a distinct plan, road map and development philosophy for the currency.
The Bitz development philosophy focuses on real world adoption, seamless platform integration and simplicity.
We do not believe that arcane features and attempted anonymity benefits wider adoption of crypto-currencies.
We believe that the vast majority of users will want a crypto-currency that is functional, secure and easy to use.
We believe that an average user wants a crypto-currency that integrates seamlessly over a range of platforms.
Bitz will be developed to be all of this; simple, secure, useful and integrated over all common platforms.
Bitz can be compared to Bitcoin but it differs in that it is faster, more secure and will pay interest on balances held.
Bitz will also be backed by the not-for-profit, Bitz Currency Association, that will exist to support and promote Bitz.
The Bitz Currency Association will therefore ensure that the Bitz infrastructure is updated, stable and ultra secure.
Get involved with Bitz and download your wallet and start staking. Support the crypto of the future, today.

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Bitz Whitepaper