Bitether Whitepaper

We will be executing an intensive marketing in order to lead the market. The Bitether (BTR)
will be integrated into most of the e-commerce platforms. Our business strategy is designed
to reach the majority of e-commerce business units and enable their potential in the newly
forming industry of decentralized global payments.

The strategy of Bitether business development will be to not only spread as fast as
technically possible but also on developing a trust and reputation system which will
empower our expansion by live feedback and continuous improvements.
As mentioned above, the our main goal is to be widely available for all online businesses.
Use Bitether (BTR) to make payments online using our secure platform hosted by thousands
of users around the world that you can focus your shopping without worrying about network
congestion, high transaction fees or security which are the key issues with legacy blockchain

As well as our integrations of e-commerce, with the exchange listings, funds can immediately
be converted to fiat currency to protect the merchant from market volatility. Merchants
receive funds in the original cryptocurrency or directly in fiat currency. Afterwards, they can
withdraw them to a bank account, keep it in their wallet or convert to another

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Bitether Whitepaper