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Alice acquires a treasure map drawn by pirate Jack Sparrow. Understanding that some pirates may be untrustworthy, Alice digs up the treasure and moves it to a different chest in another location. She copies the map and updates it with a new ‘X marks the spot’, crossing out the previous one and discarding the old map. Alice loses her new map to Bob in a game of chance. Bob, suspecting that Alice may have kept a copy of the map, moves the treasure, makes a copy of the map himself and updates it with a new ‘X’, again discarding the original. He later uses the new map as payment for Catherine. In such fashion, the map and the location of the treasure change hands many times over. However, if care is taken when passing each map on, then there is no evidence for the identity of any of the previous owners. The only thing we know for sure is that the treasure and the first map once belonged to Jack Sparrow. Teleport uses packages called telepods to send all the information required to make a transaction to the desired recipient, over a secure connection outside of the blockchain. Telepods are cloned by the recipient to prevent double spending, and sent to the next recipient when desired – or else emptied onto a previously-used account on the blockchain again. The contents of the telepod are therefore recorded on the blockchain at the point of cloning. However, if a completely new address is used every time, there is no way to know who has held the telepod over the course of its lifespan. The only thing that may conceivably be inferred is the original creator of the telepod.

Bitcoin Dark Whitepaper

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BitcoinDark Whitepaper