Bitcoin Token Whitepaper

BitcoinToken is a de-centralized Currency on blockchain technology. Open Source.
Community run and maintained. It is a currency ultimately owned by the people who
possess it, a financial system owned by individuals not a large entity.
BitcoinToken is not an ICO but a radical step towards repeating and improving the
legacy of the original Bitcoin in creating a de-centralized currency, by the people for the
people. Unlike other cryptocurrency ventures that seeks to sell all or almost their entire
tokens during their ICO, BitcoinToken is designed to be majorly distributed as awards
to adopters for maintenance and continual improvement of the project. The remaining
large portion of tokens are to be airdropped freely. This again is another attempt to start
a movement of a crypto community that can not be controlled by major donors or
financial investors but each person of the community adds value to the currency.
Instead of nodes it is people. Instead of business decisions, it is passionate people
adopting a new way of thinking and transferring money through blockchain
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Bitcoin Token Whitepaper