BitcoiNote Whitepaper

BitcoiNote has gone through a period of tremendous
growth. User feedback and our ongoing research have
inspired the team to map out the future of BitcoiNote.
As we listen to user feedback carefully we are
convinced that these plans will fulfill the needs and
requests of almost all our users.
Over the coming months we are going to introduce a
large number of improvements, optimizations, new
features and additional platforms. That includes the
introduction of the online payment gateway, which will
simplify online payments. Wallet improvements will
include refactoring of the wallet and the introduction of
the wallet on iOS, Android and the web. For miners we
are pleased to introduce the merged mining feature
and the ability to mine from mobile. Finally the team is
working on preparations for the completely new
BitcoiNote Express Exchange.
The future of BitcoiNote is almost here! Read along to
discover what’s coming up. BitcoiNote Website
BitcoiNote Whitepaper