Bitair Whitepaper


The digital revolution has impacted almost
everything in the world and Bitair will create a
revolution in payment solutions for the travel
industry. It’s an extremely effective and useful
payment solution and it is what travellers have
been crying out for.

At the turn of this century, planning a holiday
might have entailed a visit to the local travel
agent. However, the internet has brought about
a turning-point which is favourable to all
consumers. Travellers can now stay home and
search online to book air tickets or to make
reservation worldwide. Although, every payment
via online intermediaries, for example PayPal
and Visa, incurs extortionate rates and
extended waiting times for financial transactions.

Bitair’s premise:
Bitair is a new form of currency. The value is
achieved, exchanged and transferred via PC
wallet or application IOS and Android. This
currency runs on a decentralised blockchain and
provides many benefits and is convenient for the
payment of travel and tourism services.
Bitair developers have a great deal of
experience with online services transaction and
cryptocurrency. They also possess the
marketing, programming, logical, technical, and
operational skills needed to accomplish this

The following information discusses, on a step
by step basis, the capability of Bitair currency
and how it can revolutionise the way consumers
pay for travel and tourism throughout the world.

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Bitair Whitepaper