BitRent Whitepaper


BitRent – a platform for decentralized organization of real estate investment based on
Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

Our Mission
Provide everyone with the opportunity to make investments in real estate, both
commercial and residential, at any construction stage with no geographical reference.
Our ultimate goal is to make this process as fast, transparent, and secure as possible.

What Problem Does BitRent Solve?
One of the most widespread problems of the real estate market of today is a reserved
and conservative approach during the early stage of construction, when a developer
needs seed capital most of all. An outdated control and monitoring model in
construction sector usually causes construction rise in price and a failure to meet the
date of facility commissioning, thus, making this sector quite unaffordable for the
majority of people. This problem is exacerbated by the lack of a unified database of
construction objects in need of additional funds as well as the limited access to this
information of a general public. BitRent solves these issues by combining the following
innovative technologies within one platform: BIM, RFID, LEED, BREEAM, Blockchain,
Primavera and Smart Contracts. The mentioned above solution offers everyone, from
large companies to individuals, an access to the opportunity to participate in
constructions at early stages and with no geographical reference. At the same time,
this platform provides developers from all over the world with the opportunity to pull
together funds from multiple unrelated sources, significantly increasing the pull of
participants. Such a system promotes competition and more adequate pricing.

How Does BitRent Operate?
A developer publishes an object on BitRent platform with the aim to draw funds. A
token holder (or the “Member”) who has an access to this platform chooses the object
that best meets his/her criteria/interests. Then, Smart Contracts Pool is built as a
basis for all platform’s elements functioning, including token holder – developer
cooperation. The Member transfers chosen cryptocurrency or fiat to the construction
project’s wallet. The Member controls all construction processes in real time.

The Company and Management
BitRent is headquartered and incorporated in the City of London. BitRent founder –
Dmitriy Starovoitov possesses extensive experience in real estate construction while

Carl Francis, architect and leading advisor, has worked in architecture sector for more
than 18 years worldwide.

The management of BitRent consists of a founder Dmitriy Starovoitov and co-founder
Dmitriy Shapran. Both partners will be taking hands-on management roles in the
company. Moreover, we have assembled a board of experts in construction and
blockchain fields to ensure efficient management operations. The experts are:
1. Carl Francis, Non-Executive Director at Imperial Corporate Capital
2. Abdulla Almansoori, Partner in Capital Capture (UK)
3. James Trefty, Senior Software Developer at California Earthquake Authority

Our Services
Our clients are private individuals and small and large companies who, by participating
in our most promising platform based on blockchain technology, aim to have the
access to the real time information about real estate worldwide and the opportunity to
participate in construction decisions at different stages. BitRent’s construction
transactions are secured by relevant technologies – RFID tags, BIM, Smart Contracts
and Blockchain.

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BitRent Whitepaper