BitNewChain Whitepaper

With the popularity of Bitcoin, entrepreneurs and
developers began to recognize that the blockchain
technology behind Bitcoin has vastly greater potential
than simply as the basis for a new digital currency. Within
just a few years, dozens of new decentralized
applications (Dapps) have been built upon the
blockchain technology, including encrypted messaging
(Bitmessage), decentralized exchanges (Bitshares),
trustless gambling (Peerplays), cloud computing
(Golem), and social media (Steem).

One challenge for Dapp developers in this new
blockchain economy is the difficulty of actually building
a new blockchain application from scratch. In order to
solve this problem, the idea of smart contract platforms
was developed and implemented. Smart contract
platforms, such as Ethereum, can be thought of as
decentralized platforms for developing and running
decentralized applications.

Unfortunately, current smart contract platforms still have
various limitations, such as limited scalability, limited
privacy and high usage fee/gas rates, which seriously
hinder their widespread adoption. Furthermore, as most
current smart contract platforms lack built-in resource
segregation support, all computing and storage are
performed on-chain, which is prohibitively expensive for
large commercial applications. Governance over
blockchain itself is also chaotic, which makes it
impossible to quickly reach consensus on urgent issues or

Here we present BitNew-Chain (BTN), a next-generation
decentralized application platform for commercial
applications that addresses all aforementioned
problems. BitNew-Chain (BTN) aims to build a nextgeneration decentralized platform with several key
improvements. BTN is designed with higher scalability, a
more flexible fee/gas model, less storage/computing
constraints, and better governance protocols. All core
functionalities, such as decentralized storage and
computing, are integrated into a unified platform.
Therefore, commercial applications such as
decentralized games and IoT systems can be built
smoothly using the BTN platform without dependency on
any other third parties, which makes BTN an ideal
platform for Dapps.

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BitNewChain Whitepaper