BitMart Token Whitepaper

Since Bitcoin was born in 2009, blockchain digital assets have been developing for nearly a
decade. Bitcoin was once known as digital gold and now its unit price has already surpassed
that of gold. What is more, market capitalization for the overall digital currency-related
industry has exceeded three hundred billion U.S. dollars, too.
More recently, blockchain digital assets have become an emerging financial resource that
cannot be ignored. In the past, governments all over the world had promulgated legislation
and regulations for supervising blockchain digital assets, and now institutions in various
fields are conducting more research on blockchain technologies. While blockchain digital
assets were initially worthless, they are now recognized as being legitimate assets or
investments by millions of people.
With the evolution of blockchain technologies and the maturity of technical solutions, Bitcoin
and other digital currencies are all the rage in the global market. Meanwhile, the overall scale
of digital assets continues to increase, crossing the threshold of 1 trillion U.S. dollars BitMart Token Website
BitMart Token Whitepaper