BitKan Whitepaper

In 2017, cryptocurrency market came into a blowout development, and the total market value of
the industry was high and high. According to the Coinmarketcap website, by the beginning of
2018, there were more than 1,400 types of encrypted digital asset tokens, and the total market
value of the tokens was over $670 billion. According to the annual news hot search data released
by Google, bitcoin, ranking the dominant position in the cryptocurrency market, ranked second in
the global news search in 2017. With the attention of the people and capital and the expansion of
technology and exploration field, the dimensions of the cryptocurrency market are also
experiencing rapid development and change.
• Cryptocurrency presentation – diversified ecology
According to CoinMarketCap website statistics, in 2017, when the market developed fast, the
number of cryptocurrency reached 1,381, with an increase of 123.8% compared with the total
number of market currencies of 617 in 2016. The number of new digital currencies in the whole
year was 764, accounting for about 55% of the number of cryptocurrencies in 2017. Looking back
at the currency data a few years ago, there was 67 in 2013, 491 in 2014 and 551 in 2015.
From the quarterly data in 2017, the number of new currencies in the first, second, third and
fourth quarter was 109, 145, 184 and 326 respectively, with an increase of 17.67%, 19.18%,
22.27% and 30.9% respectively. BitKan Website
BitKan Whitepaper