BitF Whitepaper

BitF (BITF) is a blockchain based Carbon Offset Aggregator powered by a zero emission
transactional digital asset. BitF will earn revenue through matching buyers and sellers of Carbon
Offset credits and processing their transactions transparently on our blockchain . BitF is a
Bitcoin based blockchain that focuses on speed, security, energy conservation and the creation
of a Carbon Offset Aggregation system that will facilitate transactions exclusively using digital

Satoshi Nakamoto’s contribution to the world was nothing short of brilliant. “His” code allowed
for the peer-to-peer transfer of wealth in a secure, direct fashion. Wherever there is an internet
connection there is the possibility to securely transfer value using Bitcoin.
Bitcoin does not have any economic controls other than the baked-in inflation mechanism that
will continue until 21m coins are minted.
BitF in similar fashion inflated and distributes rewards – however we use POS rather than mining
as an energy friendly way to distribute the coin.
POS rewards are paid out to every masternode and every individual who owns BitF.
BitF will pay to offset its carbon footprint through buying credits from approved projects.
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BitF Whitepaper