BitCoen Whitepaper

The world first Community Open Exchange Network. Have you heard about the
cryptocurrency for communities before? Sure you haven’t. Because we’re the
first, the one and the only in the world.
We create a swift, decentralized and secure network that unites communities in
a global ecosystem.

The power of traditions and technologies
BitCoen (abbreviated BEN) is the first Community Open Exchange Network, a
blockchain-project, a business platform and a services system, complementing
it, developed for interaction between representatives of communities around
the world.

Short description of BitCoen blockchain project
The goal of BitCoen project is First Community Open Exchange Network.
The objectives of the BitCoen project are:
1. Emission of BitCoen token on a stand-alone BlockChain independent of
2. Development of the first loyalty program with points having a value equal to
BitCoen token. The name of this -token comes from the Open Exchange
3. Development of BitCoen ecosystem – BitCoen-wallet, the API payment
system. The main task of the BitCoen ecosystem is to develop the economy of
the communities, to provide employment opportunities and to help the
community to enter the crypto-economy, where the future comes.
4. Development of a payment system with popular crypto-currencies and
BitCoen in offline stores and Internet networks.
5. Providing maximum transparency of charitable transfers due to the
blockchain technology, the convenience of transferring funds to tzedakah and
others are needs of the community.
6. Association of businesses, goods and services on a single communication
platform to increase convenience for consumers, as well as the growth of
effectiveness of community businesses due to their advertising and attracting
attention by using a single advertising platform.

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BitCoen Whitepaper