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We are on the start point of the new wave of the transformation from physical assets to digital assets. The digital asset allocation of the blockchain has developed from the early Geek to the stage where the public investors understand and participate initially today, which is great development. Yet it can still be witnessed that there are plenty of problems and deficiencies in the digital asset investment allocation of the blockchain as well as in the services, and some are even directly opposed to the idea of blockchain. What the blockchain pursues is

disintermediation and transparency; nevertheless, in the early investment process of digital assets, numerous activities of relying on intermediaries, relying on people, relying on information sources, intransparency, etc. are found, which involve a lot of risks. And for the later asset allocation management, the service is also limited. Faced with a market that may reach as much as $10 trillion in the future, users need a basic service that is not limited to transactions, payments, etc., and can provide users with a scientific and rational all-round application scenario, and is consistent with the future blockchain community thinking. Such a platform can also promote the development of the industry ecosystem.

BitCV makes the most of the team’s accumulation and advantages in the areas of distributed technology, Internet technology, investment, Blockchain Digital Asset Management Service Engine

finance, and media, focusing on users’ experience, and develops BitCV wallets that support cross-chain and multi-currency and have an original behavioral mining economic system. BitCV will use the wallet app as an entrance to connect with the third-party service providers, so as to provide users with a full set of digital assets-related ecological services, and establish the BitCV digital asset management community.

At the same time, the BitCV team, based on the technology

accumulation on the platforms of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BitShares, is developing the BitCV asset management public chain that is excellent in both performance and security, and supports efficient cross-chain storage and conversion technologies. When it is put online, all transaction services of BitCV Wallet will be put on the chain.

BitCV’s vision is, based on blockchain technology, to embrace blockchain thinking and provide a win-win consensus mechanism for users and service providers, so as to create a digital asset management platform that can self-operate from a long-term perspective.

BCV Token, as the key token of the digital asset management platform, serves the BitCV economic system, which is used to pay for various service fees and platform usage fees in the process of digital asset management and service.

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BitCapitalVendor Whitepaper