BipCoin Whitepaper


Background: “DNS” is the method by which website names (like “”) are
registered and can then be used by everyone to get to a particular website. This
registration system is monopolized worldwide by a US Government-controlled
organization. Thus domains can be censored and seized by simply rerouting them. These
take-downs occur often, and are frequently executed without any due process whatsoever.
This is unacceptable, and antithetical to free speech. It also can ruin someone’s
livelihood. People work for years building an online business, only to have it destroyed
by some bureaucrat in a cubicle not liking it.

In 2011, there was an attempt to make a parallel system that was not controlled by
governments. This system registered domain names on the blockchain of a Bitcoin-like
cryptocurrency called Namecoin.

Namecoin worked in a theoretical way, but never got any adoption at all for distributed
DNS. This was because it had too many problems. These problems are etched so deep
into the very backbone of Namecoin itself, that it is unlikely the Namecoin developers
will ever solve them.

Results: We have identified all the problems that kept Namecoin from adoption, and
we’ve solved all these problems on paper. Now we just need to implement them.
Conclusions: With the right help (financial contributions plus a couple more
programmers), we can solve these problems quickly and have a system ready to be easily
adopted by even the most technically unsophisticated people. Additionally, we will do
this in a way that people will want to adopt it. And we will be building it on top of our
existing cryptocurrency, BipCoin.

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