Biotron Whitepaper


Biotron gives users control over data they create and helps them benefit
from it both directly and indirectly. It enables companies to make informed
decisions based on data with unparalleled quality. Biotron’s vision is to enable
innovation by breaking down data silos created by giant IT companies. Privacy,
transparency, and trust are the core values of the company.

Everyone using the internet today creates a digital trail of information. Every search, post, location,
purchase, like, view, and click, is recorded. The average internet user generates ≈ 0.5 GB of data every day.
This amount increases about 45% annually. Giving away some of our personal data to free digital services
(e.g. Google or Facebook) is acceptable because they mostly provide improved customisation to their
services which can be useful (e.g. hotel/restaurant recommendations based on location, advertisements
or posts from recently/frequently viewed sites and pages, etc.). However, there are other secretive and
unscrupulous players already collecting and processing your personal data. These players are generating
revenue from selling this data to consumer oriented companies. Revenue that you will never receive a
share of.

They’re generically known as data brokers or resellers and they capitalise on monetising personal
information without you ever knowing about it. They operate without our transparent consent and offer
zero compensation to us – the data producers. These companies work behind the scenes collecting,
processing, and sharing our information to make a profit for themselves; never disclosing that our
information is being used for this purpose. Privacy and control over personal information is being taken
away from individuals and sold to companies who benefit from consumer behavior and data analytics.
Due to a fundamental lack of transparency, these data brokers have limited access to official and
trustworthy data sources. They generate data with accuracy rates as low as 50% within datasets. , They
use ineffective and cost-inefficient processes, often with multiple intermediaries between data collection
& data analytics. Their methods lead to mistrust among their clients and the general public.
Biotron focuses on helping individual users to fully and independently control their personal information
and participate in the process of defining its value. Biotron offers the most accurate and actionable
insights into personal data for businesses engaged in the study of behavior and data analytics.
Eliminating data collection and processing middlemen leads to enhanced marketing, commercial,
research, and innovation decision-making, . Additionally, Biotron is using blockchain technology to
limit associated legal risks and streamline processes. The blockchain provides a robust mechanism for
transparency and for facilitating instant micro-transactions.

To achieve our goal, Biotron is building a user-permissioned and revenue sharing data analytics platform.
User data is collected, analysed, and saved in a set of analyses, which are then available for purchase
by interested parties. A smart contract is created ensuring that accrued revenue is distributed among
participating users in the purchased analysis, leaving Biotron its commission. We provide the most
accurate user analytics to help organisations make timely and correct decisions while benefiting from
blockchain transparency.

Keywords: personal data, consumer analytics, blockchain, transparency, data broker, individuals

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