Bionic Whitepaper

BIONIC is built to operate on Blockchain technology and it will be available on
a Blockchain. BIONIC will be accessed as a DApp (Distributed Application). Our
core reason of adopting Blockchain technology in the development of BIONIC
is to provide a decentralized infrastructure that is stable, secure and
completely scam free for all the involving parties. This also helps in achieving
our set goal of community-based system, which builds community spirit and
make them the chief controller of the market environment.

These are the reasons why BIONIC (BNC) is built on Blockchain technologies are:
i. Third party interference:
It enables two participating parties to make a secured exchange without the
oversight or intermediation of a third party, therefore reducing, or totally
eliminating counterparty risk.

ii. Empower the BIONIC community of users:
Users are in control of all their information and transactions, therefore the
market environment is totally determined by the community and not by one
central entity.

iii. Durability, Reliability, and Longevity:
Thanks to the decentralized networks, Blockchain does not have a central point of
failure and is better able to withstand malicious attacks.

iv. Clearness and immutability – Nothing hidden:
Any alterations made to public Blockchains are viewable by all parties, this
creates transparency, and all transactions are immutable, this means that it
cannot be altered or deleted.

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