BiboxToken Whitepaper


According to Coin market cap, as of June 28th, 2017, the global market cap of all
cryptocurrencies has surpassed 100 billion US dollars while daily trading volume has reached
a billion US dollars. Incorporating proprietary AI technology with traditional functions of tokens
exchange, our new cryptocurrency exchange platform, Bibox, differentiates itself from other
exchanges in aspects of UI experience, system stability, and ease of trading. Bibox is expected
to handle more than hundred millions US dollars in trading volume every day.
Blockchain is gradually being accepted by authorities worldwide, and supported by more
and more legislation. All these factors attribute to a promising, legitimate, and mainstream
bound future of cryptocurrency.

From inception of Bibox platform, it dedicated to advocating of cryptocurrency assets, which
will pave the way for cryptocurrencies to better serve the cryptocurrency society. The team
is eager to bring the most cutting edge AI technology and unparalleled UI experience to
Bibox platform, and make all the efforts to achieve the industry leading position as the most
liquidity cryptocurrency “smart exchange platform.” Moreover, Bibox is dedicated to provide
an enjoyable workplace to our employees.

All these aspirations and goals are becoming truth with your support.

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Bibox Token Whitepaper