Bela Whitepaper


Bela: An ERC20 token that empowers extremely user-friendly applications

Lets be real, this also means we don’t need 50 pages for a whitepaper.
Bela was originally founded in January 2014 as a fork of Litecoin by a
prominent developer known as syntaks a.k.a. twoturtles. It has been managed
by the Ambia Fund since November 2016.

The Bela token is unique. Inflation is about 5.6 million per year. New tokens
are minted through Proof-of-Stake (POS) using the contract’s internal staking
function. If you stake Bela to maturity for the required 30 days, you will receive
a share of minted Bela directly proportional to the amount you staked.
Automatically, 76% of newly minted Bela go to the community and 24% go to
Live Bela to subsidize core development, support applications like Belacam,
and run community outreach and partnerships. There was never a Bela ICO,
and we believe Bela to be a utility token rather than a security. Owning Bela
does not entitle the holder to shares of profits from Belacam or other Bela

Bela’s mission and function are designed to use the powers of community and
user-friendliness to reach widespread adoption. For example, new features
like StakeShare allow stakers to automatically split their earned Bela with
another address of their choice. This is great way to provide ongoing support
to a Belacam content creator, family member, or friend—all while not spending
anymore of your own money. StakeShare in combination with Belacam is just
one way that Bela will be useful and valuable to users both tech-savvy and not.
Aside from Belacam, Live Bela is constantly pushing for more partnerships that
bring Bela to everyday use and relevance for a widespread group of users.
For more information on Bela, Ethereum wallets, staking Bela, Belacam, or
anything else Bela-related, see and come chat in our Slack.

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