Bean Cash Whitepaper


Bean Cash – An Extension of Satoshi’s Vision
Bean Cash builds upon Satoshi’s vision for a “Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, as laid out in the Bitcoin whitepaper. When studying the history of Satoshi and Bitcoin, we can discover that it was always Satoshi’s intention to lift the block size limit above 1MB in order to scale on-chain as needed — to meet the demands of adoption. In keeping with Satoshi’s vision, BitBean started nearly 3 years ago already with 20MB maximum block sizes. This is 20 times bigger than Bitcoin Segwit’s (Ticker: BTC) maximum block size. Combined with a target block time of 60 seconds, Bean Cash is already positioned, to handle over 1,300 transactions per second, allowing it to compete with comparable payment systems such as Paypal.


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Bean Cash Whitepaper