Banyan Network Whitepaper


At present, the data industry is on the one hand hindered by the
increasingly stringent regulation and on the other hand limited by an
insufficient trust system in the competitive environment. The problem of
data islands is becoming more and more severe, making it difficult to
unleash the value of data. Credibility, traceability, tamper resistance, and
decentralization of the blockchain technology provide solutions for
reconstructing the traditional data value chain and maximizing the
demands and interests of the participants in the field of data analytics,
prying open a trillion-dollar Big Data market.

Banyan Network is a data value network based on blockchain
technology. It is also the world’s first distributed ecosystem of data
economies raised and built by all participants in the field of data

The value of DVN is based on “symbiosis, mutual benefits, common
governance, and common prosperity.” The goal is to focus on blockchainenabled
trusted data connection, third-party data integration and
governance, data applications and open market development, building a
positive interactive value-linked network of data benefits by establishing
standards, providing channels, and issuing tokens.
The data value network is equipped with an extendable and fast
growing token system with rich scenarios, capable of promoting data
Banyan Network aggregation in the widest range, exciting data stream at higher speeds,
thereby enhancing usability and integration values, providing ways for
multiplying values for data providers, processors, users, and other
generalized contributors to the field of data analytics, creating a future
sharing space of unlimited value. The data value network adopts
advanced data matching and correction algorithms to implement and
contribute to reward computation mechanisms, partnering with
resourceful mainstream commercial data providers, basing the initial
values on resources of branding for major clients, and providing
convenient channels for enterprise and individual data sources joining the
“data value network ecosystem.”

Based on theories such as “three laws of data value” and mechanisms
such as “tripartite model”, the data value network covers data collection,
cleansing, integration, and applications of complete business chains, to
aggressively adopt the latest technical solutions such as high-performance
blockchain (HPB), decentralized token exchange protocol (LOOPRING),
and box computing (BC), to ensure the operation and gradual expansion
of the entire network.

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Banyan Network Whitepaper