Bankcoin Whitepaper


1. The Next Generation Banking Solution For The Next Era
A certain number of modern banks have already integrated provision of their services on the
Internet. They created Internet banking, developed applications for customers to access their
financial means. And this is right. As of the end of last year, 3.5 billion people had access to the
Internet. And most of them live in developing countries. However, almost 5 billion people are cut off
from the global financial system, while the rest of the world takes its existence for granted. Imagine
how many people still do not have current accounts, bank cards, and deposits. First of all, this is due
to the reluctance of common banks to be present in the areas, where these people live. Access to
the Internet is a tool to solve this problem. And our will provide these people with access
to superior banking services: money transfers, remote payments for goods and services, currency
exchange, and much more.

The activity of our bank will have no boundaries. It will be a modern bank that will popularize from
the first day. We are not trying to create a centralized market and do not violate the ideology of
cryptocurrencies, namely and its decentralization. We create procedures and proof for convenient
and safe application of cryptocurrencies

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Bankcoin Whitepaper