Banca Whitepaper


We define Banca as a decentralized, intelligent blockchain-based community platform
powered by artificial intelligence (“AI”) and big data analytics, connecting people with
various needs and skillsets. The digital utility tokens used on the Banca platform are called
Banca Tokens, allowing Banca Token holders to purchase Banca Products and Services for
consumption offered by other members. The Banca Product and Services include a wide array
of products and services, including but not limited to: rating services, strategies, and even tax
and legal products and services. Members can generally be classified into two categories: (i)
product and service providers (“Provider-Members”), and (ii) end users (“End UserMembers,”
and collectively, “Members”). Provider-Members will receive Banca Tokens
from End-User Members in exchange for providing Banca Products and Services to End

The technical implementation of Banca is based on three main lines: (i) blockchain
technology, (ii) AI and expert systems, and (iii) big data analytics.

Banca Whitepaper

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Banca Whitepaper