BTCMoon Whitepaper


Token Overview
With a limited supply of only BTCMoon tokens, this is the most
exclusive ERC20 token available anywhere in the world.
BTCMoon is proud to be an ERC20 token, based on the
Ethereum network. The ERC20 standard makes tokens easily
interchangeable. By following the ERC20 protocol, BTCMoon
can be stored and secured in many different wallets, such as, Parity and others.

Limited supply. In fact, many cryptocurrencies have an unlimited supply.
Most cryptocurrencies have a problem with centralized ownership, where the majority of tokens are
owned by a small group of people. While people often point to Bitcoin when this issue comes up, the most
obvious example is another coin which have unlimited supply. This company may choose to sell its supply
which could crash the coin price at market. BTCMoon was specifically structured in a way to avoid
centralized ownership. At creation, all tokens will be available for sale except for 1,000,000 tokens which
are held for offering costs. United States of America and Singapore citizen or citizen in which country you
are prohibited involving in cryptocurrency strictly prohibited from having/buying this token in all channel.

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BTCMoon Whitepaper