BOScoin Whitepaper


BOScoin, the Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform
Abstract. ​The BOScoin platform is a decentralized self-evolving cryptocurrency
that is built on Trust Contracts and an embedded decision making system called
the Congress Network. (1) Trust Contracts are securely executable contracts based
on a protocol layer called Owlchain, which consists of the Web Ontology Language
and the Timed Automata Language. Trust Contracts aim to overcome the issues
regarding non-decidable smart contracts by using a more contained and
comprehensible programming framework which provides secure and decidable
transactions of contracts. (2) The Congress Network is the decision making body in
the BOScoin platform which solves governance issues arising in decentralized
organizations. Through a clearly defined and automated governance system, we
aim to continuously develop the community and software into a more anti-fragile

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BOScoin Whitepaper