BHPCash Whitepaper

The BHP hash power chain is based on the open source
blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize the global hash
power assets, it use smart contract to provide a payment system
with steady value and high speed for global commercial circulation , and realizes the distributed bank network of “Hash Power
Economy”. The BHP hash power chain is committed to issue a digital
currency — BHPC (Bank of Hash Power Cash) suitable for real
business payment, relying on some mainstream digital currencies
like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and combining with the support of BHP’s
powerful mining hash power. At the same time, BHP will also be
committed to developing a wider range of commercial financial
services and products, allowing user’s profit models not only by
looking forward to the rise in the value of the BHPC, but to choose
more investment means (such as mining earnings, supply chain
financial gains, etc.) and asset management tools in order to obtain
a diversified global revenue of digital monetary and financial
services. On the BHP hash power chain, users can use the holding BHPC
for cross-border payment and settlement、asset reinvestment, and
participate in the digital money market financial products and
services developed by BHP. Users with BHP accounts can easily
manage their own assets, realize the conversion and transaction of
different digital assets, and carry out a variety of profitable financial
activities, making the BHP hash power chain a valuable blockchain
financial service platform.

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BHPCash Whitepaper