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Since the challenges in the ticketing industry have not yet been comprehensively addressed by technology, legislation, or self-regulation, stakeholders have understandably become pessimistic as to whether the ticketing market will ever change for the better.

● Event organisers and rights-holders need greater controls and internal transparencies over the lifecycle of their ticketing inventory – including over how and who can interact with their inventory as secondary sellers;
● Consumers are increasingly demanding a fairer and more positive experience, with more transparency over who and how they are purchasing tickets, and less chance of refused entry on the door due to fraudulent or duplicate tickets;
● Artists, managers and promoters need more say in how their inventory is priced and how that pricing is perpetuated throughout the ticketing lifecycle, right up to when it is presented by the ticket-holder for access to the event;
● Secondary ticketing platforms need to be better incentivised to act as ‘good actors’ within the ticketing ecosystem, providing better consumer experience and driving repeat custom.

We believe that the problems highlighted in this paper point to a need to re-build the industry from the bottom-up, replacing the current, siloed, architecture to create a new, fair, secure and transparent economic model under which event organisers and inventory rights-holders would have greater control.

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Aventus Whitepaper

Aventus Whitepaper