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There are no disputes about the fact that the internet has changed the very
essence of how work is done in various fields;writing and reading are no
exceptions to this. The replacement of traditional brick and mortar bookstores with online
markets and books with eBooks has not only revolutionized the publishing
industry, but has also greatly aected the readers and writers.
However, like all the other areas, some problems surfaced during the initial
phase of the internet takeover as well. For example, the disappearance of
bookstores led to an increased competition to get bookshelf space and also
made it hard for new authors to be discovered by the readers.

a While these problems were solved as various applications and platforms emerged and people
became procient in internet usage, a new problem surfaced. This was the ‘centralization of
the internet’. An example of this centralization is the fact that a majority of the communication that
takes place on the internet is controlled by a handful of corporations that are known as
‘internet giants’ and the governments. This means all your activity can easily be traced and hence, your privacy is

This is against the original purpose of the internet and the World Wide Web, which was to develop a
neutral network that could be used for the betterment of humanity and would allow every
user to equally participate in it. While this original vision was lost after a short time during what is
called the rst ‘dotcom’ bubble, in an attempt to collect, hold and monetize the information, eorts
have been going on lately, to regain the long lost vision. These are known as efforts
to build a ‘Decentralized Internet’.

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Authorship Whitepaper