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Across the globe, individuals and governments face the reality that people are not saving
enough to meet their retirement needs. We are living longer, and the implications of
longevity are broader and more urgent than many of us are willing to acknowledge. Globally,
life expectancy has grown by nearly 50% since 1950 and 30% since 1980 alone . These
changes are occurring at a time when the need for financial advice has never been greater,
as savers grapple with global and geopolitical uncertainty, prolonged low and negative
interest rates, and longer lifespans.

Retirement savers are often left out of decision making. They are inadequately addressed
and feel disenfranchised. In addition, they are not offered the transparency needed to be
well informed and are treated in a paternalistic manner.
Furthermore, client preferences have changed. A recent Accenture study found that clients
increasingly prefer to have a mix of robo and human advisory. In addition, they feel more
and more comfortable to tailor their own portfolios.

However, for many retirement savers, creating a saving portfolio can seem like an
overwhelming task. In recent years, dedicated, but local retirement plan services like
Betterment and Wealthfront or Nutmeg have addressed this need for tailored, transparent
and robo-advisory driven retirement portfolios.

At Auctus we believe we can even go a step further, cutting out all middlemen by utilizing
blockchain and smart contracts, as well as allowing retirement savers to aggregate their
entire retirement savings, from regulated 401k/IRA plans, voluntary traditional investments
as well as cryptocurrency investments. This holistic approach allows running analytics and
robo-advisory on the entirety of savings, enabling the retirement saver to take better
decisions and ultimately reach their saving targets faster.

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