Atheios Whitepaper

Atheios is a stable Ethereum based network secured by Proof of Work.
The Atheios blockchain was fairly launched on May 12th, 2018 with ZERO Premine and NO ICO. Atheios is being developed with the goal of exploring new ways of integrating Blockchain with Video Games and other Real-Time Interactive Experiences.

Atheios Spark
Atheios Spark is currently an internal project being developed by the Atheios team using Unity to explore various ways the Atheios blockchain can integrate with video games. The Atheios Spark client currently works as a basic functioning Atheios wallet, but we are working on adding more support for things such as tokens, and smart contracts.

Behind the scenes, we have a few working video game environments constructed, but we are still working on connecting these environments up with gameplay that interacts with smart contracts on the Atheios blockchain.

In addition to making fun and exciting video games, we hope to also leverage the Atheios Spark client as an Interactive Story Telling & Education Tool to help lower the barrier of entry into the crypto space.

Atheios Website
Atheios Whitepaper