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Welcome To Astronaut
Astronaut is a unique crypto investment service which seeks to capitalize on the growth and market adoption of crypto currencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

In 2017 alone, over $1.3 billion has been raised in the ICO market – almost double that of traditional venture capital.
While coin offerings have benefited from the success of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, there remains a significant need in the market for a due diligence-backed investment methodology to avoid boom and bust cycles.
Astronaut seeks to establish a streamlined offering, whereby both retail and institutional grade investors can participate in a variety of research-backed tokens and currencies through one simple channel, avoiding the need for their own due diligence and subscription process.

Astronaut has a focus on transparency and analysis, relying on strict criteria which guides the placement of funds within our portfolio. Utilizing our company-owned research team, Picolo Research, we maintain the highest of due diligence standards to ensure we maximise risk-adjusted portfolio returns.

The structure of the offering allows its token holders to benefit from a) capital appreciation of assets under management and b) quarterly dividends as income. Both of these are detailed later in this whitepaper.

Astronaut is backed by an amalgamation of professionals from private equity, venture capital, funds management and technology development.

Our platform is transparent, agile and above all – focused on crystallizing ongoing dividends and capital growth for token holders.
We look forward to generating growth and success for our token holders through our platform.

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