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Most electronic documents are heavily exposed to vulnerabilities. Unauthorized agents may intercept sensitive documents and forge or modify them, altering their original purpose. However, there are very few services that provide reliable and secure electronic document authentication. Recently, blockchain has been offered up as a solution for more reliable and secure electronic document authentication, distribution,and management. While the current blockchain platform is capable of facilitating document delivery and execution, it is ill-equipped to handle the storage and circulation of regularly updated electronic documents at scale.

At ASTON, we provide a decentralized platform for the authentication of documents. Our technology is developed using the existing blockchain platform, with enhancements that result in a cutting-edge security solution. The X-chain technology developed by ASTON resolves the various problems present in existing blockchain systems. We replace the traditional linear blockchain storage method with a multi-dimensional blockchain structure, which makes digital document authentication significantly more scalable. Moreover, the security authentication solution (Smart-Pass On) based on the public key infrastructure (PKI) and the biometric signatur eauthentication (FIDO) ensures an even higher level of document security for users.

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Aston Whitepaper