AsiaCoin Whitepaper


Welcome to the latest generation of cryptocurrency smart contract
tokens – Asiacoin (A-Coin). These tokens have the potential to
revolutionize the travel industry as it will allow travelers, agencies and
transportation systems to come together in Asiacoin’s self-sufficient
ERC20 standard token ecosystem with a global community. Thanks to
the innovative business model underpinned by these Blockchain based
tokens, everyone in possession of Asiacoins will have the opportunity to
enjoy unique benefits such as lower costs, avoidance of double
spending while making bookings, no double bookings, and a faster way
to secure travel and vacation deals.

When rolled out in accordance to our projected roadmap, the Asiacoin
smart travel platform plans to disrupt the worldwide travel industry for
the everyday commute as well as the vacations get away. It will deliver
transparency by removing transaction overheads due to currency
conversions, help avoid potential double spending as seen in travel
bookings and ensure real time booking due to Blockchain smart

Asiacoin is envisioned to deliver long term value to its owners. No
tokens will be issued after the ICO crowd-sale thereby placing a limit on
the supply. As the Asiacoin enabled eco system grows, the utility of
Asiacoin will rise automatically. The intrinsic value of the token is
deemed to increase accordingly.

The travel industry, alone for vacations, is valued at over $1 trillion
dollars a year (US) and the industry as a whole makes up for 10% of
world spending at over $7.6 trillion. Asiacoin is the first of its kind
specifically designed to connect the Blockchain and the travel
workflows. If you’re an avid traveler, investor, trader, or speculator it’s
tough to ignore the potential of the Blockchain in the travel industry.
Asiacoin (A-Coin) is a blockchain protocol that is customized for the
travel industry using smart contract technology. The Asiacoin protocol
and its Decentralized Applications (DAPPs) targets key travel benefits
and allows for instant bookings, spendable rewards points, from
anywhere in the world at the lowest fees.
The Asiacoin smart contracts ecosystem makes this possible by
handling the sale (contract) of the ticket between the ticket holder and
the traveler through the Asiacoin ecosystem.

Asiacoin (A-Coin) tokens are required to run the Asiacoin ecosystem
through the ether network as ‘fuel’. While initially you can use the ACoin
tokens as currency on the Ethereum network, however in the long
run it is meant to keep the Asiacoin blockchain running.
When you buy Asiacoins (A-Coin) in the ICO crowd-sale (initial coin
offering), you are capturing a piece of the Asiacoin protocol that will run
the future Asiacoin DAPPs. 1 A-Coin can be divisible to 16 decimal
places… therefore you are actually obtaining 1.000000000000000 ACoin.
To back our early supporters, Asiacoin will also sustain its
momentum by charging a reseller fee of 0.000005 A-Coin to post a
ticket on our platform… It might be a fraction of a penny but it allows
ticket holders to have the best travel commerce platform in the world
with virtually 24/7 uptime. As the Travel ecosystem grows, so will the
value of your A-Coin tokens. You will be able to hold your A-Coin funds,
exchange it with other ether based tokens instantly or use it in the
Asiacoin ecosystem to make ticket purchases.

Through an experienced team, we are dedicated in ensuring that we
constantly create value in the A-Coin travel hub thereby delivering value
increase to the early A-Coin token and token holders.

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AsiaCoin Whitepaper