Ark Whitepaper


Bitcoin[1] brought us the blockchain. Ethereum brought us smart contracts. Altcoins
brought us their unique features. So where are the services for the ordinary
consumer instead of only speculative instruments for the trader?
We all know the fanciest and flashy blockchain technologies bring in big money.
However, is this all cryptocurrency is? A one trick pony designed for investors? ARK
Crew does not think so.

Instead of relying on highly hyped cryptocurrency features without future revenue
potential, ARK Crew researches the best blockchain technologies under
development to expand the range of services ARK can provide. After the
implementation of these technologies into the ARK Core through bridged
blockchains (ARK SmartBridge), the ARK Crew uses these connections and
multipurpose data fields to construct new features and provide valuable services to
the average consumer.

Examples of technologies the ARK Crew integrates into ARK Core are InterPlanetary
File System (IPFS), InterPlanetary Database (IPDB – when available), optional private
transactions and potentially additional technologies like InterPlanetary Linked
Data(IPLD)[1a], Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT)[1b] Tendermint Validators, or
web2web[1c] serverless webtorrent as they emerge. ARK Crew supplies additional
whitepapers for all the main upgrades to the ARK platform with further technical

The Primary objective of ARK Crew is simple; increasing consumer adoption by
focusing on two critical areas: A Fast Secure Core Technology and Practical Services
for Real People.

The ARK Founder Team (AFT), as presented on, acts in the name of the ARK

The AFT is responsible for the proper use of funds collected under the Token
Exchange Campaign (ARK-TEC) presented below in this document.
The AFT undertakes that the result of this TEC will be used exclusively for the
financing of the “ARK” project as explained in this whitepaper – which will be made
available on the collection platform: – and which should result in the
creation of a legal entity whose name will be “ARK Ecosystem”. The creation of this
company is scheduled for the first quarter of 2017.
To this end, AFT intervenes on behalf of “ARK, a company in the process of being

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