Apollo Currency Whitepaper

Apollo is a new cryptocurrency built off the NXT platform. Apollo has been commissioned to become the most advanced, feature rich currency available. Its main goal is to provide users with an effective all-in-one currency with which they can buy and sell with complete assurance of privacy.

Apollo will be the first cryptocurrency to give users the ability to buy, sell, send and receive invisibly, all while offering significantly more features than its competition. This stealth is accomplished by offering a private transaction option, IP masking, coin shuffling, unblockable nodes and an integrated decentralized exchange. These features will take possibilities for cryptocurrency to new heights
while potentially eliminating the ability for governmental regulation. We foresee rapid, mass adoption of Apollo as on top of offering
the fastest, most private transactions, Apollo will boast many capabilities never before combined into one currency.

The crypto world is aching for a universal, all-in-one currency delivering the most coveted features in a single platform. Apollo, with its large community and team of world class professionals will deliver this currency, redefining the industry and raising the bar for what a top cryptocurrency should be.

Apollo Whitepaper

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Apollo Currency Whitepaper