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Executive Summary
AirToken (AIR) – The Token for Mobile access
● 1.8 billion people operate in a $10 trillion underground economy
● 2 billion people unbanked
● 4 billion people have yet to receive internet access due to mobile affordability
● 80% of the world is on a prepaid phone using on average 500MB of data / month
● Billions more underserved by their local banks, telcos, and governments

AirFox’s vision is to make the mobile internet more affordable and accessible and the biggest
limitation for our customers is access to capital. AirFox is positioned to expand access to mobile
data, benefitting advertisers, users, and carriers, using the blockchain. AirFox uses advertising
and peer-to-peer token spots on the blockchain to unlock unrealized access to mobile data
through a new cryptocurrency – The AirToken (“AIR”). AIR technology harnesses the
decentralized power of the Ethereum blockchain using a digital ledger of the user’s mobile
phone data as well as advertising and proprietary “return-grade” algorithms to reward and
provide users with access to mobile data using AIR. AIR are redeemable for mobile data, and,
eventually, physical and digital goods. AIR utilizes the user’s smartphone to reward the user for
attention and good behavior while expanding the pie for the entire ecosystem that wants to
further maximize on this audience (carriers, publishers, and advertisers).

AirFox quickly established itself as the leader in affordable data plans for US-based prepaid
wireless carriers. Incubated at Harvard’s Innovation Lab, AirFox is a TechStars Boston alum and
is venture backed by several leading organizations. Over the last year, AirFox’s
business-to-business platform has enabled more than 2 million unique United States prepaid
wireless subscribers to reduce their mobile costs while helping wireless carriers better serve their
customers. AirFox has also delivered over 1 billion impressions to advertisers helping them reach
a lower socioeconomic audience.

AirFox Airtoken WhitePaper

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AirToken Whitepaper