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In the near 2050, more than 9700 million of humans will populate the Earth. It is estimated that the demand for food will increase by 70% for that year and that at least 80 billion dollars of annual investment will be necessary to respond to said demand.

The Primary Sector. Current and Future scenario. That means that all the production processes have to be not only much more efficient, but also the rest of the points of the distribution chain must be tuned as the most precise clock in the world. Nothing can be wasted and therefore we have to take advantage of every last gram of food produced. What most makes us think is that today, we do not know if we will be able to produce such amount of food.

Surely we can only respond to that demand if we adopt more technological and efficient means of production. We must also change the relationship between the producer and the consumer avoiding that (according to UN estimates) 50% of the value of the product remains in the distribution network and not in the hands of the producer.

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