Agrello Whitepaper


Abstract. This whitepaper addresses existing problems with conventional
non-machine readable contracts. Such conventional contracts (CC)
are complicated to set up, disconnected from ICT-systems and when conflicts
occur, tracking their execution is restrictively slow and in addition,
CCs are challenging to enforce. On the other hand, so called self-aware
contracts (SAC) that are similar to CCs with respect to legal enforceability,
are machine readable and supportable by blockchain-technology.
SACs do not require qualitative trust between contracting parties because
blockchains establish instead a quantitative notion of trust as
SAC-related events are immutably stored. However, currently existing
machine-readable contract solutions, i.e., smart contracts, lack suitable
obligation constructs for execution and enforcement. Additionally, current
systems do not comprehend the dynamics of legal relationships. It
is important to mask legal obligations with daily human conduct. This
whitepaper address the gap by specifying a so-called Agrello-framework
that enables blockchain-driven self-aware agents-assisted contracts for a
decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) economy.

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Agrello Whitepaper