Aeon Whitepaper


What is AEON
AEON is more likely an experiment whether open-source practices would work well with a crypto currency. In an open-source world upstream usually delivers bleeding edge versions with various features but not so well tested and stable. We decided to base our coin on one of the most favorite Cryptonote coins. It provides sufficient “test net” for us as there is no such thing implemented yet. However we keep only the code that is considered stable enough and implement changes slowly after further testing and reviewing.

There will be only 18.4 millions of AEONs. We’re not going to spread tons and tons of coins, but rather focus on quality and reliability. Speaking about that AEON had hard times in the very beginning where a design flaw was abused with instamine attempt by some individuals (you know who you are). Fortunately this flaw resulted in lower block reward that was lowering almost to zero so instaminers trying to bring the network down gained nothing but few coins. Average miner can get the same amount over a few days.

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