AdCoin Whitepaper


Nice to meet you: We’re a group of finance-, marketing- and IT enthusiasts with a strong need to innovate and be different than anyone else. From this point of view we launched a new cryptocoin for the online advertising market. The coin creates value by being used to buy and sell views, clicks and customers within advertising networks.
Almost all the ad platforms are using creditcards and traditional currencies as the only available payment methods. These methods have high transaction- and risk costs which result in higher costs for advertisers and lower payouts for publishers. Using the blockchain technology the frequency of transactions can be significantly increased while the transaction fees are so low that it’s sustainable to do micro-transactions.

Using a generic cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum means that advertisers and publishers will suffer from the volatility of the general cryptocurrency market, since there is no clear underlying value. AdCoin will be solely used for the advertising market and we expect a lot less fluctuations and a stable yet increasing value on the mid- and long term.


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AdCoin Whitepaper