Actinium Whitepaper

Actinium began as a hobby project, designed & written by a single developer. This project was created mainly to provide direct competition to the overwhelming influx of scams, shady developers, and blatant abuse of open-source technology.
➢ The Actinium Network was launched on April 25th, 2018, with no pre-mine, no pre-sale, no founders rewards, and the development team owns no significant share of (ACM) coins.
➢ The Actinium development team has always been—and will always be—publicly visible.
➢ Actinium leverages the latest Bitcoin and Litecoin codebases with a specific focus on the perpetual development of future technologies and the empowerment of users through an intuitive user experience.
➢ Actinium provides stability against volatile speculation through our highly-motivated development plan that prioritizes longevity over short-term price action.
➢ Actinium was created for everyone because we believe that it is People who collectively determine the value to things. Therefore, a cryptocurrency must work for everyone in order to be of any value.
➢ The Actinium team takes pride in offering a truly ethical, motivated, and technologically advanced cryptocurrency.

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Actinium Whitepaper