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The animation market in Japan exceeded 1.8 trillion yen in 2015 amidst a record-breaking pace of sales over
three consecutive years. The expanding market trend continues, putting annual value within reach of 2 trillion

Through the rapid penetration of VOD and other services future-forward, the distribution of Japanese animation
content abroad is expected to increase; in turn, this growth will fuel the population growth of cosplayers around
the globe. The cosplay and associated markets (enthusiastsʼ groups, cosplay apparel, maid and cosplay
services) have actually grown year on year to comprise a market today of 130 billion yen.
The portrait lighting function implemented on the iPhone8 (announced on September 13, 2017) and other
advances to mobile cameras as of late suggest that the creative activities of cosplayers will occur more and
more within an immediate armʼ s reach.

Alongside these recent trends described above, the cosplay platform AMPLE! launched in 2012 under the
mantle of bringing people all around the world together through cosplay and has grown to host 70,000 photos
posted by subscribers in 70 countries.

With the goal of evolving AMPLE! beyond a global cosplayer community through the introduction of AMPLE!
Coin (ACO), a proprietary cryptocurrency, funding will be instituted through an initial coin offering (ICO).

About this ICO
ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a method for procuring funds via the issuing and selling of original digital tokens. It
is a different form of transferring equity than that of stocks, and is more similar to crowd funding in that you are
simply purchasing tokens. At the time of sale for this token, it will not be recognized as Cryptcurrency. In order
for it to be recognized as Cryptcurrency, you must first circulate the token through a Cryptcurrency exchange for
it to become recognized as a Cryptcurrency. In other words, strictly speaking, ICO is not a method of raising
funds, but is a sales method for cryptocurrency. As for the buyers, instead of an investor investing in a project,
they are a buyer of the token.

Acoin Whitepaper

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Acoin Whitepaper