Accelerator Network Whitepaper


Accelerator is a mining facility that helps ACC Token holders perform blockchain specific tasks. Our approach allows anyone to become a blockchain pro – without having to invest in hardware. Our goal is to accelerate block chain technology by providing easy to use value added blockchain services.

Accelerator Token
The Accelerator Token is a proof-of-stake smart contract on Ethereum. The Accelerator Token allows holders to earn more Accelerator Tokens at pre-defined rate through a token staking system. Accelerator Token staking is a very simple process that takes place within any Ethereum wallet and can be done at home with little to no technical knowledge.

Accelerator Network
Furthermore, Accelerator Tokens can be traded for GPU teraflop hours at the Accelerator Network’s datacenter. The Accelerator Network is a ½ megawatt data processing facility. Token holders can spend their Accelerator Tokens for services offered by the Accelerator Network.

Accelerator Network Website
Accelerator Network Whitepaper