Abjcoin Whitepaper


Welcome to the white paper contract of Nigeria’s first cryptocurrency, this contract has the
potentiality to revolutionize the Nigerian economy, banks and financial sectors. With the
innovative business model solution created by blockchain, any one in possession of the ABJ
Coin has bought for his/herself an endless opportunity for the nearest future that will
guarantee a life of financial security.

In accordance to our projected road map, the ABJ coin project plans to positively up set the
financial eco system of the Nigerian market and labor force. It will change how day to day
transactions are being carried in and out of the country. It will deliver transparency by
removing transaction over heads due to currency conversions, help avoid potential double
spend and real time smart blockchain integrations and processing.

The AbjCoin is envisioned to deliver long term value to its owners. No coin will be issued after
the ICO crowd-sales thereby placing a limit, as the rest of the coin can be mined only by the
community. As the ABJ coin enabled ecosystem grows, the utility of the AbjCoin will rise
instantly. The intrinsic value of the coin is bound to increase accordingly..

AbjCoin Whitepaper

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Abjcoin Whitepaper