ATN Whitepaper


One of the key attributes of blockchain is the decentralized nature of the
technology. This characteristic provides the ability to set up decentralized
networks to overcome the challenges of highly centralized (i.e. monopolized)
industries such as the nascent Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) industry where major
players tend to isolate themselves from the competition in an attempt to secure
their competitive advantage through technology development and access to big
data. Success breeds success and each large A.I. player is increasingly capturing
significant amounts of big data to further cement their competitive advantage.
In light of this, data has become the Internet’s most valuable resource.
However, because each company has different types of businesses and data, they
can only improve their AI according to the data they own. As a result, every
company faces an internal conflict, as they need additional data to grow, but are
not willing to share their own resources (data) in exchange, resulting in a slowed
and fragmented industry.

To improve the AI industry, we propose to leverage the decentralized nature of
blockchain in order to address the root of the problem by creating an environment
to encourage cooperation between companies, entities, and institutions across the
borders, in a fully trusted manner.

Introducing ATN: an AI Marketplace where developers, technology suppliers and
buyers come together to access and develop new and innovative forms of AI
technology, thus creating the next generation of artificial intelligence in a trusted
and collaborative environment.

ATN is a decentralized, permission-less, customizable AI service and open
interface blockchain platform. The overall design combines the ideas of oracles
and other cross-chain projects. Focusing on solving the interoperability issues
between Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) and EVM-compliant smart

ATN will develop next generation blockchain technology for AI-aaS to build an
open economic system, enabling easier transactions and interoperability between
AI services, resulting in the formation of a more robust artificial intelligence
industry. The ATN platform design allows AI services to be accessed through
ATN smart contracts, without requiring authorization, thus allowing users to
easily interact with AI service providers.

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ATN Whitepaper