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Keywords: blockchain, real estate trading platform, digital currency
CYBEREITS is determined to be the number one global real estate online
transaction platform. Connect global real estate intermediary in the real estate
side of the chain, and move the 200 trillion valued global real estate to the
Internet; provide access to digital currency payment channels in the transactionside,
to achieve global real estate transactions in digital currency.
Real estate industry has always been the world’s most profitable industry,
but has been difficult to achieve Internet: In the real estate side, the traditional
Internet technology can not be divided and transferred online, therefore will not
be able to trade across geographical boundaries. On the trading side, real estate
traders need to address a range of issues such as currency conversion, trading
qualifications, which further increases the difficulty of trading real estate online.
The above two problems have led to the result of real estate industry being
difficult to get rid of local and offline business models, information transparency,
global transactions, high-speed circulation and other Internet dividends difficult
to achieve.

With the advent of blockchain technology, the above problems have the
potential to be solved. With the help of ecological advantages of blockchain,
such as digital currency payment, undisguised property rights information on
chain, decentralized trading mechanism and automatic disposition of physical
assets brought by smart contracts, real estate Internet is expected to be

It is noteworthy that we are not an air project, but a project that
has completed its pilot project. The CYBEREITS team has completed the
validation of business logic in the past year. On the real estate side, the “3R”
entry criteria (Risk, Regulation, Return) tailored to local laws and regulations
in Asia, North America and Europe were explored, and achieved the
access of more than 100 million RMB worth of asset . On the trading side,
successfully achieve the use of digital currency for real estate transaction
payment, completed more than 200 million RMB of the transaction scale.
CYBEREITS team’s business model and validation results have been widely
recognized in the past year and has completed three rounds of financing. Now,
we invite everyone to participate in the great process of real estate Internet

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