ANON Whitepaper

ANON is an ambitious project. Our main goal is to deliver a cryptographic medium of exchange
that enables seamless, swift, secure, and “anonymous” transactions. Clearly ANON is not first to
market. Nonetheless, this gives us the advantage of analyzing both the successes and failures
of previous projects. Ultimately our team strives to avoid the mistakes of our predecessors,
bring down barriers to entry, and deliver an ‘ANONymous’ coin with additional features. We hope
this will satisfy the community and contribute to an enduring economy.
We have selected the ticker ANON. This reflects our ethos, and reminds our stakeholders of the
highest truth – that transactions truly are Anonymous.
Blockchain and cryptocurrencies (‘crypto’) have evolved dramatically over the past few years.
Bitcoin (BTC) was the first real “brand”, and ever since has captivated the hearts and minds of
all crypto-enthusiasts. However, BTC’s underlying technology has been around for ten years, and
questions have emerged over its relevance and specific utility within the community. Bitcoin has
suffered from high fees, slow transaction speeds, centralized mining outlets, and a lack of
privacy features that have created forking opportunities such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin
Private (BTCP).
Prior forks have unfortunately fallen short of expectations, whereas ANON looks to excel. We
intend to accomplish wide market adoption, exchange listings, and compatible use-cases; foster
a strong community; and demonstrate team professionalism. The Anonymous team has
meticulously monitored each step of prior forks of both BTC and ZClassic (ZCL). We recognize
the mistakes. Where others have faltered in their fork attempts, ANON will be successful.
We assert that an important element of ANON’s superiority to most other coins is its adoption
of ZCL’s ‘zk-SNARKs’ (zero knowledge succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge) – an
MIT created privacy technology for transactions. This must be coupled with a mining technique
(protocol): either Proof of Work (PoW); or Proof of Stake (PoS). As debate rages between
proponents of PoW and PoS, ANON has decided on a nice middle ground – Proof of Work with
masternodes, infused with the zk-SNARKs technology.
Staking will allow both miners and masternode holders to be rewarded for their contributions to
the network. A collateral amount of 500 coins will be required to maintain a masternode on the
ANON network. The distribution of the block reward will be 65% to the miners and 35% to the
The only way to participate in this fork and receive ANON is by being in possession of the
underlying BTC and ZCL cryptocurrencies. Holders participating in the ANON fork will receive a
1:1 ratio for BTC and a 2:1 ratio for ZCL (2 ANON for 1 ZCL) from the snapshot on September
10, 2018. The circulating supply at the time of the fork will be approximately 27 million, the max
total supply of ANON will be about 40 million.

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ANON Whitepaper