AMLTToken Whitepaper


Consisting of experienced professionals from compliance, AML1 , virtual currency2, blockchain and tech ecosystems, the Coinfirm team came together in 2015 under the vision to bring a new level of transparency and efficiency that serves the entire blockchain ecosystem, spreads its benefits into the traditional economy and enables the mass market to use it safely. Out of that vision the Global Standard that is the Coinfirm AML/CTF3 Platform (also referred to as the ’Platform’) was built. Now, Coinfirm is taking the next step in bringing effective AML/CTF compliance and allowing for the transparency and democratization of the financial system by actively involving market participants with AMLT.

AMLT used in the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform is the missing puzzle to bring virtual currencies into the mainstream in a safe, secure and compliant way. It helps exchanges, payments processors, financial institutions and all players in the financial system to manage the regulatory risk related to blockchain value transfer. It allows network members to provide information, rate other market participants and democratically help determine the related risk to entities and counterparties using virtual currencies.

AML/CTF is connected with risk management, not just simply strict laws, rules and regulations to follow. There is also a degree of internal assessment needed by obliged companies to build a correct risk management model. AMLT helps with compliance in an innovative way while by engaging and providing beneficial participation to the users of virtual currencies.

Coinfirm works with world-class partners and clients ranging from major virtualcurrency players such as Dash 4 and RSK 5 , to leading financial institutions such as SEI 6. Being a key link in bringing virtual currencies and blockchain to the mass market and a wider range of organizations, Coinfirm and AMLT is helping ensure transparency and safety within the ecosystem, and allowing it to grow by solving one of the largest needs, effective compliance and AML procedures.

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